We are on a mission to teach everyone the universal language of music

Music is everywhere! Not only is music a standalone art form, but it is central to TV shows, movies, and art. It is a direct line to the soul through creative self-expression. Everyone deserves to learn how to express themselves through music, without the barriers of it being boring or inaccessible.

So i Heard Music provides private in-person music lessons according to our So i Heard Music teaching methodology, inspired by the Kodaly Method for Music Education, which takes into account differences in the ways and rates at which children learn. In order to maximize motivation, the So i Heard Music method uses technology to keep things interesting. Once a piece is rehearsed and up to speed, the instructor gives the student a chance to write their own songs or even record their work!

We encourage students to be creative and write their own songs! Through this method, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in motivation levels over those seen with typical private lesson methods.

While we customize the approach to each student, weekly lessons usually do conform to an underlying structure. Within a typical lesson, students may encounter reading exercises, rhythmic exercises, hand coordination exercises, and maybe even songwriting and music recording assignments!

Why So i Heard Music?

Our approach to education is based on the idea that all students learn differently, and all instructors should be allowed to follow the energy and excitement of their students. If a student wants to learn pop music, that’s what they’re going to do! While allowing leeway to teach what the student wants to learn, instructors also work on traditional techniques in a way that keeps kids motivated and engaged. Quite simply, there is no better place for kids or adults to learn music.

So, what sets So i Heard Music apart?

  • Fun, youthful and qualified instructors who have a music degree or equivalent experience
  • All instructors pass a background check
  • All instructors are employees of So i Heard Music, which allows us to guarantee their quality and expertise
  • Students have the freedom to learn and explore music while learning traditional techniques
  • High-tech teaching tools
  • Students can “level up” to our Artist Development program and create their own music
  • Students can join our Record Label Club!
  • Real, live front desk staff to answer questions during business hours

If this sounds like fun, book a free trial lesson today!

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Weekly 30-Minute Lessons
Paid Monthly, Flat Rate
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  • Reserved Weekly Private Lessons – Value: $2,160
  • Free Birthday Party Each Year – Value: $499
  • Monthly Open Mic Nights – Value: $300
  • Make-Up Lessons – Value: Unlimited (3x available at one time)
  • Free Workbooks and PDFs – Value: ~$200
  • Unlimited Front Desk Scheduling Support – Value: $200
  • Automated/Self Booking and Scheduling App – Value: $120
  • Epic Yearly Recital – Value = $100
  • Make Awesome New Friends – Priceless
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