Songwriting Lessons – So i Heard Music has everything your child needs to bring their music to life through the art of songwriting.

What is songwriting?

Did you ever wonder how Bruno Mars wrote that hit song? Or maybe wondered why so many people like Twenty One Pilots? Is it magic? Nope, there is no magic involved! Songwriting is a formula, based on an understanding of existing music theory, followed by musicians and performers alike. Songwriting is something that can be studied and learned even by beginner students.

Songwriting lessons typically start with basic piano instruction, as well as music theory instruction. Once the student understands the basic concepts of music theory, they can start putting the pieces together and writing chord progressions, and eventually, progressions and melodies.

Students learn piano, music theory, chord theory, rhythmic theory, as well as how to use a digital audio workstations. Most of our songwriting is done in Logic Pro X, though the principles taught in lessons will apply to all digital audio programs.

Why So i Heard Music?

So i Heard Music is a music lesson company built around the philosophies and methods developed by life-long musician and teacher Sam Morgan, and his long-time friend and fellow musician Sean Killary. Sam’s approach to education is based on the idea that all students learn differently, and all instructors should be allowed to follow the energy and excitement of their students. If a student wants to learn pop music, that’s what they’re going to do! While allowed leeway to teach what the student wants to learn, instructors also work on traditional techniques in a way that keeps kids motivated and engaged. Quite simply, there is no better place for kids or adults to learn music, online, or in-person.

So, what sets So i Heard Music apart?

  • Fun, youthful and qualified instructors who have a music degree or equivalent experience
  • All instructors pass a background check
  • All instructors are employees of So i Heard Music, which allows us to guarantee their quality and expertise
  • Students have the freedom to learn and explore music while learning traditional techniques
  • High-tech teaching tools
  • Real, live front desk staff to answer questions during business hours
  • Make-up lessons are included in pricing

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**So Much Value**
Weekly Lessons
  • Reserved Weekly Private Lessons
  • Monthly Open Mic Nights
  • Make-Up Lessons
  • Free Workbooks and PDFs
  • Unlimited Front Desk Scheduling Support
  • Automated/Self Booking and Scheduling App
  • Epic Yearly Recital – Value
  • Make awesome new friends
  • Access to our recording studios
  • Access to our high-tech teaching tools
  • Access to the So i Heard referral program
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