The band program is back! With safety improvements to our air and a new live streaming room, we are ready to rock!

Learning music is like learning a language. It is important to learn the nuts and bolts of the language, but everything really comes together when you start to talk with other people and immerse yourself in the language. To that end, we strongly believe that in order for young musicians to thrive, they need to play with other kids, and beyond that, perform for other people! Our band program is the best way to keep your child engaged with music, and to even make some new friends!

Songs and pieces are chosen by each group depending on what the students want to play. We don’t want to force a rigid structure on everyone as some other band programs do. Our approach takes into account each band’s needs and allows the instructors to guide the students in the right direction for each group.

With COVID throwing a wrench in everyone’s spokes over the last few years, we weren’t sure what to do on the performance side of things. Recently, we turned that uncertainty into action by investing in our air safety in every lesson room. Each room has medical-grade air filtration, which when combined with masks, creates a space where kids can play while staying safe.

Additionally, we created the ultimate COVID-Safe performance venue. Bands are able to put on live, professionally-produced multi-camera shows which stream to our Youtube and Twitch channels for all family and friends to watch! Check out the new venue!

And even more exciting: as kids get older, they can take advantage of our amazing recording studio and really get the full experience of being in a band. There is nothing more awesome than recording with your friends!

Joining the So i Heard Band Program is an easy, inexpensive, and fantastic way to keep your child engaged. Bands are put together based on a combination of age and skill level, so please be patient as we ramp back up and try to find times that work for everyone.



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On Sale! $100/month!
  • Weekly 60-minute band class
  • Reduced studio rates
  • Yearly recital performance
  • Additional performances throughout the year
  • New friends and memories for a lifetime!