Hi, I’m Zack!

I’m a composer and sound designer with a degree in Film/Video Game Scoring from Berklee College of Music. I first started playing the guitar when I was about 10 years old, but my passion for music really ramped up when I discovered my love for singing and music composition in high school. Since then I’ve enjoyed many years of singing in choirs, performing in musical theater productions, and working as an audio engineer and composer for podcasts. I also absolutely love video game music and have been gaining experience in the game audio industry. In college, I even sang in a choir that performed a cappella arrangements of video game music!

My Approach to a Typical Lesson:

I like to allow student’s creativity and curiosity to lead the overall direction of their lessons. Helping them understand why they enjoy the music that they listen to is very important for them to want to keep learning and improving. I also like to emphasize the importance of learning things by ear and learning music theory. Both of these skills open so many doors in what is possible with music. 

My Advice for Students:

My advice is for students to explore new things. Whether it’s a new genre of music, a new instrument, or even writing and producing music themselves, being open to exploring something new helps keep the musical spark lit!

My Favorite Local Places:

I just recently moved back to New Jersey so I’m still exploring the area!

Three Tips for Success:

  • Be patient with yourself. Music can be challenging, but it can also show you the value of patience and perseverance. Every great musician makes mistakes!
  • Find new music to listen to. Finding new music that inspires you can help keep up that drive to practice or create something yourself.
  • Don’t compare your abilities to others. Everyone learns at a different pace and in a different way. Just do your best to have fun and collaborate with others instead of competing with others.

My Music:

Music for a fictional video game about a dinosaur town:



Singing Bass in the PXL8 Video Game Choir: