Music Production Lessons – Learn how to write, record, and how to use a digital audio workstation.

Ever curious about how hit songs journey from the artist’s mind to your radio? It’s not as simple as recording on a phone; it’s the magic of music production! This field is incredibly diverse, blending music theory, performance, songwriting, and sound engineering skills. And you can master it all!

Our music production lessons are your gateway to becoming a music producer. We start with foundational piano and music theory, equipping you with the tools to understand and create music. As you learn these basics, you’ll begin crafting your chord progressions, instrumental arrangements, and melodies.

But that’s just the beginning. Once you’ve got a grip on songwriting and music theory, we introduce you to the world of Logic Pro. This digital audio workstation is your playground for bringing musical ideas to life. In Logic Pro, the creative possibilities are limitless – drum loops, chord patterns, beats, melodies, you name it!

And remember, at So i Heard, you’re in the driver’s seat. Our music production lessons are tailored to your interests. Whether you dream of producing hip-hop beats, electronic dance music, or anything in between, we provide the guidance and tools to help you produce the music you love.

Join us and start your journey from aspiring artist to accomplished music producer. Let’s create something incredible together!

Why So i Heard Music?

At So i Heard Music, we embrace a revolutionary approach to music education, recognizing the unique learning style of every student. Our philosophy? Your musical interests are the heartbeat of our teaching. Whether you’re drawn to the latest pop hits or classical melodies, our personalized lessons cater to your passions while integrating essential musical techniques.

Why choose So i Heard Music? We offer an environment that combines fun, enthusiasm, and professionalism. Our instructors aren’t just qualified; they’re music enthusiasts with passion and real-world experience, committed to inspiring the next generation of musicians.

But it’s not just about the lessons. We provide an entire musical ecosystem:

  • Monthly Open Mic Nights: Showcase your skills and build confidence.
  • Semester-end Song Recording: Experience the thrill of recording your own music and hear regular progress.
  • Gain Access to The Performers Program: For the full musical experience, it is essential to play and record music with others.

At So i Heard Music, you’re not just learning notes and chords; you’re embarking on a musical adventure using high-tech tools and time-honored techniques. This is where music education meets personal expression, where you’re free to explore, create, and excel.

Join us at So i Heard Music, where your musical dreams become a reality.

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