Hi, I’m Rob!

I am a multi-instrumentalist specializing in Drums, Piano, Guitar, Voice, and Music Production. I have been playing drums since I was 12 and piano since I was 8. I have performed in many different bands as a drummer, keyboardist and songwriter/singer. I have a lot of experience performing on stage and working in recording studios. I graduated from Music College in a degree in performance and music theory. I have been teaching for many years and love to share my passion and knowledge with my students.

I have studied many different genres. From jazz and rock to classical and funk. I personally like to combine all styles and create music that is interesting and innovative. Also, having a good beat and catchy melody is most important! I think it’s important to be influenced by many different styles and sounds. I look to instill this in my students and encourage them to think outside the box and explore different types of music that they normally wouldn’t listen to.

My Approach To A Typical Lesson

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced I like to start slow and get a sense of the instrument. We do this through fun warmups! For me it’s all about music so I also try to get a sense of what kind of music the student enjoys. Listening to songs and understanding what the musicians are doing is a great way to becoming better at your chosen instrument.

My Advice For Students

Remember music is all about having fun. Relax, it’s okay to make mistakes. Actually making mistakes is the only way to get better.

My Favorite Local Places

Rockwood Music Hall
Newark Museum
Smalls Jazz Club
QXT’s Night Club

My Music

I currently play in a band called Moon Rabbit Retreat. If this doesn’t showcase my skill set,I don’t know what will. In the band I play drums, keyboards and sing. It’s easier than it sounds!