Hi, I’m Jackson.

I am a graduate of SUNY Purchase College with a Bachelor’s in Music with a concentration in Studio Composition. The piano is my primary instrument, but after attending the Studio Composition program at Purchase, I developed a strong passion and knowledge for Music Production and Songwriting. Throughout my music journey, I have toured the country playing keyboards in a pop band, composed musical theater, and most recently been writing, producing and performing with an Alternative Pop/Rock band that I’ve formed with two friends from my music program at Purchase College. Most of my experiences with music have not been expected, but that is what I love most about pursuing a career in music. There is always something new to learn!

My Approach To A Typical Lesson

I have a very strong background in Music Theory and would use those skills to form how the student learns and understands their instrument and music in general. I believe that learning music theory opens up so many possibilities for the student to take their music journey wherever they want it to go. In every facet of my teaching, my goal is to improve the student’s technical ability while playing or creating music that the student enjoys.

My Advice For Students

Listen to as much music as you can; there is always something to learn from listening to a song in any genre. Consistency is the most important thing for practicing, but on days you don’t have time or energy to practice, practice active listening habits while listening to your favorite songs!

My Favorite Local Places

Arlene’s Grocery in NYC