Hi, I’m Andrew!

I studied Jazz Performance at Montclair State University with a concentration in trumpet. While I was in my undergraduate studies I was able to meet six other musicians who shared a similar philosophy of creativity. We formed a band called Thank You Scientist and through that I was able to tour the country for 8 years. I was fortunate to have shared the stage with amazing bands such as Yes, The Dear Hunter, Coheed and Cambria, Periphery and many more! Although I was fully invested in the rock scene at the time, this did not stop me from composing and performing jazz around the New Jersey and New York scene. I was a part of the New York Youth Big Band in which I was able to play along side Terell Stafford, Phil Woods, Nir Felder and more. Over the years, I’ve strived to not pigeon hole myself into one style, genre or instrument in the pursuit of my expression. The theory knowledge learned from the jazz and rock scene helped me to excel in the learning of many other instruments which now gives me the ability to teach at a deeper and more concise level.

My Approach To A Typical Lesson

Since jazz is my background, I emphasize the use of the ears in lessons. We do a lot of listening and ear training to better understand what we hear. This being said, I also love to play with my students so they get a good sense of what to sound like. I also love to work on songs and music that my students are listening to and make it as hard or easy for each individuals level. This being said, I do spend some time developing technique through scales, exercise books, and theory knowledge.

My Advice For Students

Make sure you keep your ears open at all times! Listen to yourself and the greats!

My Favorite Local Places

I love getting into the city and heading to the Village Vanguard and the 55 bar for jazz. But I also head to the Bowery Electric and the Knitting Factory to check out some up and coming rock music.

My Music

I recorded three records with my old rock band Thank You Scientist (7 piece prog rock band)

I currently play in a band called First Mountain

I also love pop music – check out this track I’m featured on!