At So i Heard Music, guitar lessons are unlike any other.

Welcome to So i Heard Music, where we blend the best of traditional music techniques with the latest technology to create an exciting, dynamic learning experience. Our lessons are far from typical music lessons; we immerse our students in the art of reading music, mastering correct hand positions, and perfect posture, with the goal of recording music and joining a group.

Each student is unique, and so is our teaching method. The So i Heard Music Method is student-centric, focusing on individual needs to make every lesson as engaging and enjoyable as possible.

Our curriculum is structured yet flexible, tailored to each student’s learning style. From foundational reading and rhythmic exercises to advanced hand coordination, and even opportunities in songwriting and music recording, we offer a comprehensive musical journey.

For guitar enthusiasts starting out, our journey begins with beginner-friendly guitar books, progressing swiftly to playing simplified chords or melody versions of popular songs. This approach keeps lessons fun and fresh, while still honing essential techniques. As students master the basics, they graduate to more complex chords and strumming, eventually playing full songs with ease.

What’s more? Our instructors can record parts of the lessons for a fun and interactive feedback experience, enhancing the learning process.

And for those guitar students who reach a beginner level, the excitement continues! Eligible students can join our exclusive Performers Program, unlocking a world of performance and recording opportunities. This program is a gateway to becoming a well-rounded musician, offering chances to play live shows, compose original music, and record professionally.

At So i Heard Music, we don’t just teach music; we inspire musicians. Whether you’re strumming the first chord or rocking out in our Performers Program, every step with us is a step toward musical greatness. Practice pays off here – join us and play your way to success!

Why So i Heard Music?

At So i Heard Music, we embrace a revolutionary approach to music education, recognizing the unique learning style of every student. Our philosophy? Your musical interests are the heartbeat of our teaching. Whether you’re drawn to the latest pop hits or classical melodies, our personalized lessons cater to your passions while integrating essential musical techniques.

Why choose So i Heard Music? We offer an environment that combines fun, enthusiasm, and professionalism. Our instructors aren’t just qualified; they’re music enthusiasts with passion and real-world experience, committed to inspiring the next generation of musicians.

But it’s not just about the lessons. We provide an entire musical ecosystem:

  • Monthly Open Mic Nights: Showcase your skills and build confidence.
  • Semester-end Song Recording: Experience the thrill of recording your own music and hear regular progress.
  • Gain Access to The Performers Program: For the full musical experience, it is essential to play and record music with others.

At So i Heard Music, you’re not just learning notes and chords; you’re embarking on a musical adventure using high-tech tools and time-honored techniques. This is where music education meets personal expression, where you’re free to explore, create, and excel.

Join us at So i Heard Music, where your musical dreams become a reality.

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