Give So i Heard Music a Try

The Intro to So i Heard Music program is an amazing new program that allows kids who are unsure of if they like music lessons to give music a try in a group setting. Groups are small and age appropriate, allowing for individual attention from the group leader.

The Intro to So i Heard Music program runs for four weeks; one session is in September, and one is in October. Each week, students learn about a new instrument while working towards a group performance! All class dates include some form of music technology.

Week One

In week one, we learn all about the piano. Students are introduced to the keyboard and taught a really fun rock and roll riff! After we learn about the piano, the group leader will introduce Garage Band.

Week Two

Week two is all about the guitar. Students are given the chance to play a guitar and learn about the strings, amplifiers, and more. Everyone learns a fun rock and roll riff, which can be played along with the piano riff! After that, we learn more about Garage Band and start to put together our song.

Week Three

Week three is about drums! Who doesn’t like to hit the drums? We will learn to play the drum beat that goes along with our rock song, again, working towards a jam session and group performance. By now, most kids start to have an idea of what instrument they might want to learn if they choose to take private lessons after the Intro to So i Heard Music class ends.

Week Four

Week four is all about jamming and singing! We each pick an instrument and learn to play together. We also learn about recording our song in Garage Band!

At the conclusion of the program, students will receive a video recording of the performance and a certificate of completion at the end of the month, with a chosen instrument in mind.

If this sounds like the perfect way for your child to get into music, enroll now!