Our Board-Certified Music Therapists use research and experience to tailor exercises to you and your child’s functional goals!

Music Therapy is a fun, effective way to improve functional life skills through music making. It is an allied healthcare practice that can serve as an excellent complement to other traditional types of therapy, or a stand-alone therapy for people who need a more creative approach to pursuing non-musical goals!

Our Board-Certified Music Therapists help clients to address functional goals that include:

  • Managing behavioral issues
  • Improving attention and focus
  • Improving speech and communication
  • Developing cognitive skills
  • Enhancing social skills
  • Building healthy coping strategies

So i Heard Music’s Music Therapists work with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, psychiatric and behavioral disorders, developmental disabilities, and more! Music Therapy can also function as a creative outlet and coping mechanism for people without any specific diagnosis.