Hi, I’m Jason!

Playing music took root from the outside in during my early years. My Father was a big DJ around the state, my Grandfather was a classical pianist, and as I got to an age where my friends began to become influences, I seemed to be drawn to anyone who was involved with music. I started taking music lessons in the 3rd grade. I chose the baritone saxophone, an instrument as big as I was. I absolutely hated it! I couldn’t even carry the instrument up the stairs. The next year and thereafter, I stuck with piano. Finally, when I reached high school, I invited a new friend over to my place; he played the guitar, and after playing a few little blues lines for me, I was totally into being a musician. I had never seen someone play the guitar so up close to me. I remember being amazed. I was 14, and since then, I have considered myself a musician, owning that title.

Music has always seemed to be a social art. Even by artists who play on stages on their own. It is a communication between abstract sound and emotion. I have found that goals are met by starting with inspiration, followed by motivation, and then carried to fruition by discipline. Ultimately, whether a student engages with music in a recreational or professional setting, this method remains the same. It is the enjoyment that brings us back even when we lose sight or veer off track. And that, for me, is the most important part to the communication we find worthwhile in chasing within ourselves. That is what creates the lifelong relationship to the music we create.
I have been in bands since I was 14 years old. As time went on, I realized the importance of having these outlets within enjoyment and fulfillment in life, and how much better I felt for it. Art is the friend that will always be there for you, and will always patiently wait for your return should you move away from it. I have pursued an A.A in psychology and a B.A in Recreational Therapy (minoring in psychology). I bring what I have studied to my lessons, in realization that ultimately, our drive to meet goals are in want of feeling satisfied within our own endeavor.

How I approach a lesson

First and foremost, all of my lessons are a vessel of validation. To inspire that no matter where the student may be, their efforts are recognized and rewarded. My lesson room is their safe space. Where the issues of real life can fall away. Where they can, for however long a session may be, fully delve into an activity that brings them joy, satisfaction, and pride. I sustain that whatever the student puts into their studies will be what they get out of it. Coming to terms with this realization will guide what they are able to realistically bring to the table. My role is to be fluid yet, also provide guidance and tutelage toward achieving the goals that they do not know how to attain. My conversation with parents is an effort to extend that safe space and relationship with music into their own homes.

My Advice to Students

Always try! Do not be afraid to fail. And do not forget to celebrate your success. Learning something new is difficult for anyone. It makes sense to feel awkward, uncomfortable, and maybe even afraid of trying something new. Give yourself the patience to experience it. You may learn something about yourself you wouldn’t have otherwise!

My favorite local places:

I’m a townie through and through. I’ve grown up and lived in Union County my whole life. I have always gravitated toward places where community thrives. Whether it be local town events, open mics, shows of any medium, even parks, if I have chosen to leave my house, you can bet it’s because I want to engage in positivity with my friends and family.

My Music:

I will always push my cover band; it’s the most accessible place you can musically find me. I started it as an excuse to hang out with my best friends. But then I realized it brought together all of our friends and family at every show in celebration of a good time! I truly love providing a space were people can come together. You can find us on Instagram – @duckandcoverband // Catch you at a show!