Hi, I’m Diego!

My love for music began at a young age when my father would share his love for funk music with my brother and I. He loved the music of groups like Parliament and Jamiroquai and it rubbed off on me at a young age.
In my teens I would teach myself how to play different instruments through instructional books/DVDs from the public library and playing in bands with friends; but I had been studying for a career in architectural design. After high-school, I felt that my heart was completely in music, so I abandoned architecture and got a job to pay my way through Berklee Music for Music Production.

Since graduation, I have been recording local acts from Rock, Pop, to Hip Hop and investing all the revenue back into the studio. This has taught me many valuable lessons about the entire music production process; from having the first idea of a song to officially releasing it to the world and every step in-between.

My Approach To A Typical Lesson

While teaching music lessons, my main goal is to cultivate a love for music that carries through the years. Like English conveys ideas, music is a language of emotions, and I hope to instill the desire to speak that language to all my students. By flexing our creative muscles through constant creation, the theory and the technicalities become a goal for the student to facilitate the expression of music they feel inside.

My Advice For Students

To learn any language we must immerse ourselves in the world of that language. My advice is to immerse into the world of music by listening, studying, practicing, and playing as often as we can. We become what we do, so if we play music everyday, we are music.

My Favorite Local Places

So i Heard Music, and not just because I work there! It’s honestly a very inspirational place to see all my colleagues and their pupils achieves so much.
Besides that I’d say my house.

My Music

I am currently establishing a record label where all my future projects will live. Stay Tuned!