Hi, I’m Tim!

I grew up playing and exploring as many instruments as possible to get a feel for the language and nature of music. As an informed multi-instrumentalist, I pursued an education in the Recording Arts in order to understand how to be a producer and engineer. My explorations taught me that a huge passion of mine is relating to others on a more personal level. As such, I furthered my education to become a Music Therapist. My life mission is to help others achieve their goals through music.

My Approach To A Typical Lesson

I like to ask students to share with me the type of music that most interests them. Preferences guide the learning journey every day and can especially inspire us to continue persevere through difficult challenges.

My Advice For Students

Listen to music every day. Find out exactly what appeals to you and what doesn’t so you can talk to a teacher or mentor about how to best help you along your musical journey.

My Favorite Sources of Inspiration

I find inspiration from being in nature and with people. I love meeting new people and helping them along their musical journey anyway I can. I go to concerts about three times a month to discover new artists, and support musicians I already listen to. Movie and Video games are also hugely important sources of music. I find myself exploring YouTube for content from all around the world to share with others.