The So i Heard Music Performers Program

Music, much like language, comes alive in the company of others. That’s why our Performers Program is designed to offer young musicians the thrilling experience of playing with peers and performing for an audience. It’s an exceptional way to keep your child not just engaged in music, but also to help them forge new friendships and grow as an artist.

In the Performers Program, song selection is a collaborative effort, reflecting the preferences of each group. Our flexible approach sets us apart from more rigid band programs, allowing us to cater to the unique needs and styles of each band, with instructors guiding the students toward achieving their group’s musical goals.

Integration is key in our program. Band instructors work closely with private instructors to ensure a seamless progression for your student, balancing solo skill development with the excitement of group dynamics.

Participating in the So i Heard Performers Program is a surefire way to maintain your child’s interest and enthusiasm in music. Our philosophy is holistic – music education isn’t just about solo practice; it’s about the complete musical experience. From one-on-one lessons to jamming in a band, from live performances to recording sessions, we offer it all. After all, just as soccer is more fun with a team, music too is best enjoyed with fellow musicians.

The Performers Program follows a semester schedule and includes:

  • Weekly one-hour band practices.
  • Regular weekly private lessons.
  • Learning and playing cover songs, tailored to each student’s needs.
  • Collaborative group songwriting sessions.
  • Performing in a showcase every semester.
  • Learning to promote yourself and your band.

Join the So i Heard Performers Program and watch your child not just learn music, but live it! Let’s make every note count together.