At So i Heard, your student can record their songs at a professional level in an environment focused on education.

While your student can record their music in their weekly lesson, recording is a project on its own that shouldn’t take away from their regular lesson experience. Our studio is always available for So i Heard Music students and their friends.

Beginner students will have access to the studio run by professional recording engineers. More advanced production students can rent out the studio to record their music, their bands, or any other project they can think of!

The So i Heard Recording Studio is equipped with everything your student needs to have a professional session:

  • Vocal Booth / Professional Vocal Microphones
  • Logic Pro / Pro Tools / Ableton Live
  • Live Room
  • Creative Environment

At a certain point in every student’s progression, getting in the studio is a great reward for all the hard work they’ve been putting in. Your student’s Private Lesson teacher will guide the process and work with the engineer to record anything from an original song, to a fully produced version of a song they’ve been working on in their lesson.