Hi, I’m Angelica!

I am a singer/songwriter, pianist, and producer. Music has always been a part of my life, as I remember listening to Billy Joel CDs in the car and dancing to the latest hits of my time as a child. In May 2020, I will hold a B.M. in Music Education from Kean University.​ Having the opportunity to study both piano and voice at Kean’s Conservatory of Music, I am a well-rounded musician that has performed at various concerts with the Kean University Choir in Enlow Hall as well as choir tours throughout the East Coast. In addition, I have performed in concerts with Kean’s Percussion Ensemble and the Symphonic Wind Ensemble.

​As an independent singer-songwriter, I produce all my music at my home studio. In May 2012, I became a finalist in the New Jersey Shout Down Drugs Songwriting Competition. I performed my song “Just Trust Yourself” at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) in Newark, sending out a positive message and explaining the dangers of substance abuse. In 2014, I was invited again to perform “Just Trust Yourself” at the Red Ribbon Prevention Links Walk. I am also an artist – I paint with acrylics – when I’m not in the studio or performing.

My Approach To A Typical Lesson

My typical approach to a lesson is to first ask the student the genre of music he or she is interested in. Once a genre is set, I have the student learn music from the method book and from my personal favorite website called 8notes.com. On this site, there is countless repertoire for any instrument of choice, and it labels difficulty for each song. I discovered this site several years ago when I needed free sheet music of a pop song for a singing competition. I also like to incorporate technology with the lesson, especially for vocalists. My current voice students enjoy singing karaoke and recording a cover to their favorite songs on GarageBand. For vocalists, pianists, and instrumentalists alike, I always incorporate music theory, such as scales, arpeggios, and chord progressions to the lessons.

My Advice For Students

Always challenge yourself! I tend to assign one or two songs that are a level above the current level of the student so that they can critically think about the structure of the music. I introduce the components of the song, such as the key it is in and the chord progressions that occur, so that students have a baseline and can practice with these first few steps.

My Favorite Local Places

Liberty State Park
Red Mill
Mindowaskin Park

My Music

I have released two singles to the world, “Thinking About You” and “It Should Be About Us,” that are both available on Spotify.

I have additional songs on YouTube!