So i Heard Music offers Adapted Music Lessons for students who need a more creative and flexible learning environment to thrive.

When the structure and expectations of a typical music lesson are not suitable for your child, we recommend having your student try this highly individualized approach. Adapted Lessons are meticulously tailored to meet the needs of those who learn differently, whether due to a diagnosis such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Auditory Processing Disorder, anxiety, ADHD, or those who need extra help finding their voice. Adapted Lessons can help your child to come out of their shell or to feel more comfortable when trying something new.

  • Highly Experienced Board-Certified Music Therapists apply their experience with unique learners to design creative and flexible educational activities
  • Expectations and experiences are flexible to meet the needs of individuals with all levels of functioning.
  • Exercises are personalized in order to engage your child, promote confidence, and encourage a sense of mastery.
  • Your child may focus on one instrument or shift between several, depending upon changing needs and interests.

Your Adapted Lesson teacher will use engaging and accessible instruments like xylophones, harmonicas, and hand percussion to reinforce music concepts that can be applied to learning any instrument. Atypical learners will employ techniques such as songwriting, improvisational play, and music games to find their own paths to musicianship.