Use music technology to create your own music

The Creators class is designed to help kids create their own music using technology and music theory, and is open to both So i Heard students and non-students. Instead of producing cover songs as they did in the Makers class, Creators are taught to create their own songs! This weekly class is great for kids who aren’t quite ready for the band program, but who would benefit from a group class in addition to their private lessons.

Using technology, students can quickly make music that sounds just like all of the music recordings they love. Students will learn why the music theory they learn in their private lessons is so important! 

Do you have a student who is having a tough time maintaining consistent practice? Maybe they are not sure if they even like music? Or, do they love music so much that they can’t get enough? This class is perfect for them! A weekly private lesson combined with a group class experience of creating music with their friends is an invaluable tool to keep kids engaged in music lessons and creativity.