We have created the ultimate blend of the safety of staying virtual, and the excitement of live performance.

While the future of gathering in small rooms is uncertain, what is certain is that kids still need the experience of showing off their newly-earned musical skills. To that end, we have spent some time creating the ultimate future-proof performance live streaming venue at our Gillette, NJ location. From now on, we can hold any performance that students can dream up! We welcome other music schools to use our facility to host their recitals, band shows, and open mic nights. Inquire below for more information! If you don’t know what live streaming is, just ask your kids!

Live Room Specs
Live Stream Performance Venue
Safe and Fun
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Technical Specs:

  • Four-camera live switching via Blackmagic Design ATEM
  • HD streaming via OBS Streamlabs
  • 16 channel studio recording and live sound setup
  • Pro Tools (latest) with Plugin Alliance and Slate full plugin suites
  • Full live monitoring
  • Isolation for amplifiers
  • DMX lighting control
  • Full stage lighting rig with floor lights and overhead, LED
  • Fog machine
  • Various dynamic, condenser, and ribbon microphones

Safety Features:

  • Outside air circulation with central HVAC
  • Full HEPA H13 filtration in each room 4+ ACH at 99.9% filtration
  • Dual wall-mounted H13 filtration at the stage area 6+ACH 99.9% filtration
  • Large H13 filter for backstage, 6+ACH 99.9% filtration