A while back, I started writing about the Adapted Lessons program we now offer, and posed a few possible questions you may have about the program.

Click here if you missed that last post.

So let’s jump right into the second question I posed:

How do I know if I should enroll my child in Music Therapy or Adapted Lessons?

This all depends on what goals you would like your child to achieve. Adapted Lessons will be tailored for clients to reach goals of learning how to play music. Your music therapist will use other tools, such as xylophones, percussion instruments, harmonicas, as well as song-writing activities and music games to help your child learn music skills in a different way. 

Music Therapy sessions are tailored to help clients reach functional life-skill goals such as managing behavior, improving social skills, improving communication skills, improving motor/physical goals, and developing coping strategies.

In short, Adapted Lessons puts the focus on learning how to proficiently play instrument, whereas Music Therapy sessions focus on functional non-music goals. Ultimately, the decision should come down to what goals and objectives you would like your child to reach.

The decision is totally up to you and your child! You can always ask our therapists if you’re not sure, and we will do our best to offer advice!

The easiest way to get all your questions asked is to book a free consultation with our Music Therapy Program Director, who is in charge of both music therapy and adapted lesson programming.


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