So, we’ve just started a new program called Adapted Lessons to add to our services we already provide (music lessons and music therapy).

Well…If you’ve been wondering what that is, I’m here to provide a few answers to questions you may have…including:


What is the difference between regular music lessons and adapted lessons?

How do I know if I should enroll my child in music therapy or adapted lessons?

How do I know if my child is appropriate for adapted lessons?


In this blog post I’m going to address the first question…what will your child learn in a regular music lesson vs. an adapted lesson? Well, the goals for both are the same; functional and proficient learning of an instrument. The major difference between both are the approach to teaching. Some children may experience more difficulty sitting still, listening to and following directions, and actively participating in a typically structured lesson. Adapted lessons are conducted by our Board-Certified Music Therapists, who are trained to work with all types of learners, diagnoses (including Autism and ADHD) and age groups. They will use their skills as a Music Therapist, as well as utilize other music learning tools and the Music Therapy room to help your child address the goal of learning how to play an instrument.


Stay tuned for more information on our new Adapted Lessons program. I’ll answer the above questions and more in upcoming blog posts!
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