Virtual Songwriting Camp at So i Heard Music!

So i Heard virtual songwriting camps are week-long 9 am to 12 pm virtual Zoom experiences that will take students on an exciting journey starting with the basics of songwriting and progress through concepts such as arranging, harmonization, and beat making. In addition, students will collaborate and grow together on their songwriting journey, and ultimately, each camp group will write and record a song from scratch that will be streamed on our social media channels at the end of the week!

Classes are Monday-Friday from 9 am to 12 pm on Zoom. Any experience level is welcome. Age is recommended to be 8 and above since younger kids may have a tough time staying engaged online for that amount of time.

Topics covered include:

  • Critical Listening and Analyzation
  • Writing chord progressions
  • Writing Melodies and Harmonies
  • Lyric Writing
  • Composing Drum Beats
  • Arranging and Instrumentation
  • Music Production (using, a free browser-based production software)
  • Collaboration and Co-writing


JULY 6-10
Rock 101
JULY 13-17
General Songwriting
JULY 20-24
Top 40 Hits
JULY 27-31
Modern Rock
Rock 101
AUGUST 10-14
90s Jams
AUGUST 17-21
Classic Rock
AUGUST 24-28
Top 40 Hits


Students don’t need a lot of experience to participate in our virtual songwriting camps; our camps are all about fun!

All camps utilize music technology to keep things fun and interesting. Additionally, campers may write and record songs in Garageband, or use music-focused iPad apps for help in learning trickier subjects. To that end, this software is not required to attend the camp. Zoom is required. Inquire below to enroll!

Most Popular
Half-Day Camp
  • Half-Day: 9 am – 12 pm
  • 5-Day sessions (M-F)
  • Different weekly camp subjects (each group can have flexibility)
  • Technology-focused
  • Social virtual activities and group learning experiences
  • Weekly virtual showcase