We’re working on a practice app!

Hi Kids!

So i Heard Music is working on a new app to help keep track of all of the time you spend practicing. We have imaginatively named it: “The So i Heard Music Practice App”. Just install it on your phone or tablet and you’ll never have to worry about being told to practice again!

Check out the app’s awesome features:

  1. For every one minute you practice, the app says you practiced ten minutes! This is very useful if your teacher or parents ask if you’ve been practicing. Just show them your meticulously organized practice logs. Your teacher will say, “Wow, 30 minutes a day, great work!”
  2. There is an automatic volume control for practice sessions if you plug in your keyboard or guitar. When you practice, your parents will only hear the good notes! If it’s perfect, they wouldn’t want you to keep practicing, would they? (Bonus Feature! When practicing Baby Shark, your parents will hear every note, and it will automatically insert a repeat at the end of the sheet music)
  3. Songwriting is a breeze. The new app will automatically piece together snippets of Baby Shark, Frozen, various Kidz Bop songs, and songs from Among Us for a custom song, just for you!


The app developers are not responsible for a lack of actual progress

We hope you will like the new app. PS. Don’t show this to your parents!

Happy April!

Sean and the So i Heard Team




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