This year, at our annual recital, we had a very special addition to the program. For the first time ever in So.i.Heard history, we had a music therapy client do a demonstration of a music therapy intervention.

He was a huge hit! Audience members reported that there “wasn’t a dry eye in the house.”

Not only was our friend able to explain his own goals to the audience, (“paying attention, playing nicely, and following directions,”) but he also kept them entertained and engaged with his creative improvised lyrics and silly singing voices. He ended with a huge bow to enthusiastic cheers.


We were so excited to include this moment in our recital, because it was an opportunity to give our students and families a first hand example of what might happen in a So.i.Heard music therapy session. But maybe even more important is that we were able to show that having special needs doesn’t have to keep you from doing all the fun stuff that other kids your age do.

Our clients are just as creative, cool, and talented as any of their peers!

We hope you enjoy this little video of our dear client showing off his skills. We are so proud!

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