We’ve heard suggestions from our students that our make-up lesson policy could be even better with a few small changes. We’ve listened to your concerns and are implementing the following policy changes starting November 1st.

  • Make-up lessons can be booked during the week in canceled lesson slots. Many people have had trouble finding time to do make-up lessons on Fridays due to pre-existing recurring conflicts. This change should allow everyone the opportunity to make up a missed lesson
    • This policy improvement increases the chance that you’ll be able to get a make-up lesson with your chosen instructor
    • Be aware that when you cancel a lesson, it is canceled and may end up getting booked for someone else’s make-up lesson
  • Make-up lesson credits expire three enrolled-months after they are issued. Since there will be opportunities during the week to make up missed lessons, credits should be able to be used more often and more quickly
  • If you withdraw from lessons at any time for any reason, your make-up credits will stay in your account and can be used upon re-enrollment. Keep in mind that make-up lesson credits can only be used when you are enrolled in lessons
  • Make-up lessons are not guaranteed. We provide a system that gives everyone the best chance possible to make up missed lessons. However, we cannot guarantee teacher availability 


Can I still make up my lesson on a Friday?

Yes, we will still have make-up lesson instructors on Fridays. As we convert to the new system we may reduce the Friday availability as we see make-ups being used during the week.

My instructor isn’t available often for make-up lessons. Can I make up a lesson with any So i Heard instructor?

Yes! You can take a make-up lesson with any So i Heard instructor. If the instructor doesn’t happen to specialize in your instrument, the lesson will focus on music theory, songwriting, or technology.

What if my instructor is sick or absent?

If your instructor is sick or absent, So i Heard Music will provide a qualified substitute if one is available. With our cloud-based assignment system, any substitute instructor will be able to maintain progress from the last lesson with your regular instructor. Subs at So i Heard Music are our active lesson instructors. They are not outsiders!

If there is a sub available, you may not be given advance notice since the lesson will go on as usual. If no sub is available, you will be given as much notice as possible via email and will be provided a financial credit to your next bill. Financial credits are calculated based on our flat-rate system. If we had to cancel one lesson out of four total possible lessons for that month, the bill would be discounted by 25%. If one out of three total possible lessons was canceled, we would provide a 33% discount, etc.


We hope that these changes will make your time at So i Heard Music even better than it already was! As always, please let us know any questions you may have!


Thank you,

-Sam and Sean

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