After receiving feedback from many of our students regarding air safety, we have upgraded our air in both Millburn and Gillette studios. We have installed medical-grade H13 HEPA filters! The private lesson rooms now have Medify MA-14 air purifiers, while in the lobbies, drum, and band rooms we installed bigger wall-mounted units, MA-35s. In the Gillette studio, we have an even larger MA-112 unit.

Why is this so exciting, you ask? H13 filters are medical-grade and filter out 99%+ of all particles down to .1 microns in size. Your standard H11 HEPA filter only filters out 95% down to .3 microns. We have also specifically selected the proper size purifier for the correct amount of airflow in each room according to CDC guidelines. We thought about simply adding a MERV 13 filter to our HVAC system, but we would be unable to guarantee the air changes per hour in each room due to the added air restriction in the system. In addition to our existing sanitization protocols, these in-room filters complete the last piece of the sanitization puzzle that we couldn’t wipe down with a sanitizing wipe- the air!

With these upgrades, we hope to make our facility even safer than it was, and invite you to come back to in-person lessons! We are also working on creating an awesome virtual studio where students can come to make performance videos, live streams, live stream recitals, and more! We’ll keep you updated on that.


Contact us to enroll in lessons or switch to in-person. Let us know if you’d like to enroll in a band!

Sean at So i Heard Music

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