Updated as of Summer 2023

1. Enrollment

The lesson membership at So.i.Heard costs $180 per month for a half-hour slot, and $335 per month for a full-hour slot. This charge occurs on the 1st of every month.
Music therapy pricing is $240/month for the half-hour plan and $450/month for the hour plan.
The enrollment fee at So i Heard Music is a flat-rate membership fee based on the average monthly cost of our yearly calendar of lessons. Typically, there are 44-46 days in a full lesson year, for every day of the week.
You may decide to change the teacher, lesson plan, or instrument with 7-day advance notice before the 1st of the month. These changes take effect the next month since enrollment is on a month-to-month basis.

2. Payments and Billing

All payments are made via pre-authorized debit/credit cards and no other payment method. It is the client’s responsibility to notify the studio of a change in the card, or if a card becomes inactive. If a card is declined for any billing cycle, So i Heard Music will not provide lessons or membership services for that student until a new card is provided, authorized, and charged according to this enrollment form. These missed lessons do not convert to make-ups or credits.
Small merchandise purchases under $30 may be charged to the card on an as-needed basis as they are required for lessons by the instructors. Items may include strings, books, tuners, etc.
This authorization is to remain in full force and effect until So i Heard Music LLC has received written notification of withdrawal from the client by filling out our withdrawal form located at https://soiheardmusic.com/withdrawal/
Withdrawal forms must be filled out by the 25th of the month in order to allow time for billing to be canceled on the 1st of the next month.

3. Cancellations, Missed Appointments, and Make-Up Lessons

This membership includes all weekly appointments as long as the student is enrolled. Your weekly time slot is reserved whether or not you attend the lesson.
Client-Initiated Cancellations
Cancellation must be done through the app, email, or front desk.
If you/your child is sick, do not come to lessons. We hold hundreds of lessons per week. One student can infect an instructor and cause 40-50 cancellations and reschedules which is a massive burden on the facility, students, and instructors. Instead, take advantage of our numerous policies that help you in the event of a cancellation. Same-day cancellations can convert to virtual lessons or recorded video lessons. With 24 hours’ notice, the lesson will convert to a make-up credit.
Thank you for thinking about the studio and others around you when deciding to not bring your sick child to the studio, we really appreciate it!
Early Cancellation
If you cancel your lesson 24 hours or more before your scheduled lesson, you will receive a make-up lesson credit or can opt to have the instructor provide you with a recorded lesson.
Late Cancellation
If you cancel your lesson within 24 hours of the scheduled lesson, you will receive a downloadable recorded lesson. This will not be a full-length video but will be a combination of short videos and assignments. There is no option to reschedule or get a make-up credit within the late cancellation window.
No Show
If you do not show up to your lesson and do not provide any notice, you will forfeit your lesson. There is no refund, video lesson, or make-up credit issued. No exceptions will be made.
Band or Group Cancellation
There are no make-ups for missed group lessons regardless of notice.
  • If So i Heard Music cancels a lesson due to inclement weather, a Studio Make-up Lesson credit will be issued. There are no refunds or credits for weather-related make-up lessons.
  • If your instructor is sick or absent, So i Heard Music will provide a qualified substitute if one is available. Subs at So i Heard Music are our regular active lesson instructors and are not external contractors.
  • If there is a sub available, you may not be given advance notice since the lesson will go on as usual, and often if a teacher is out sick, it may be last-minute and there is no time to provide advance notice.
  • If no sub is available, you will be given as much notice as possible via the booking system and will be provided a Studio Make-up Lesson credit to be used during any available make-up lesson time slot with any instructor. Please enable SMS messaging via your booking app login so you are immediately notified of any cancellations.
  • In the event of a missed or canceled lesson, students are issued a make-up credit that is equivalent to the length of their regular weekly lesson slot. 
  • Once a make-up lesson is booked, it cannot be canceled or rescheduled. Make-up lessons can be used during the week during other students’ canceled lesson times and during any designated make-up time slots.
  • Make-up lesson credits do not expire while enrolled. Upon withdrawal, credits will have a 30-day expiration date and can be booked after the student is withdrawn in order to use the credits during the 30-day expiration period.
  • Students can accumulate three active client make-up credits per lesson plan. As soon as a make-up lesson is booked and a credit is committed to be used, the student can accumulate another credit, with a maximum of three unused credits banked at any given time. If a student has three credits banked and cancels another lesson, the student will forfeit that lesson credit until a make-up credit is used. No exceptions will be made. (NOTE: Credits active prior to August 1st, 2022, will automatically be transferred to the new booking system and will remain active to use while enrolled according to these policies. If a student has more than three active make-up credits per lesson plan, the student will not lose them. However, the student will not gain additional make-up credits until the existing number of active credits drop below the three-credit threshold)
  • Students can accumulate an unlimited number of Studio Make-Up credits due to studio-caused cancellations.

General Cancellation Notes

Our studio operates at full capacity. Make-up lessons are not guaranteed and are provided as a courtesy. So i Heard Music provides a system that gives everyone the best chance possible to make up missed lessons, however, we cannot guarantee teacher availability.

4. Attendance

  • Students arriving late will not have their lesson extended. The studio operates at full capacity and cannot accommodate extended lessons.
  • Students arriving late by more than half of their lesson will be considered a “no show” for that lesson period and forfeit their lesson. For example, fifteen minutes late for a half-hour lesson, or thirty minutes late for an hour lesson will be counted as a “no show”. After the halfway mark and once the lesson is considered a “no show”, the teacher may be dismissed. There are no refunds, credits, or make-up credits for no-shows.

5. Injuries and Liability

  • You assume all risk of injury or harm to the child(ren) or adult(s) associated with participation in musical activities at So i Heard Music and agree to release, indemnify, defend and forever discharge So i Heard Music and its officers and staff from all liability, claims, demands, damages, costs, and expenses in the unlikely event of injury sustained by your child(ren) or adult student during the course or as a result of their participation in So i Heard Music activities

6. Student-Teacher Policy

Teachers of So i Heard Music are only authorized to conduct lessons, classes, rehearsals, and performances within the studio and at authorized offsite & online venues. Teachers who engage in lessons outside the supervision of the studio will be terminated. All correspondence should happen at the studio or through the office and front desk.

7. Withdrawal Policy

In order to discontinue lessons and charges to your account, written notice must be provided via 
Notice must be given in writing by the 25th of your last month of taking lessons. Tuition is not refunded for the last month of lessons, in part or in full, no exceptions will be made. After a withdrawal has been submitted, no refunds are given for any time missed within the last month.
Active membership is mandatory to participate in our events, exams, and recitals.  All registration(s) will be withdrawn at the time of membership cancellation.
Make-up credits expire 30-days after the last day of your plan expiration.

8. Filming, Photography, and Recording

Unless requested in writing, So i Heard Music LLC is granted permission to take photographs/videos of the students to use in brochures, websites, posters, advertisements, and other promotional materials So i Heard Music LLC creates.  Permission is also hereby granted for So i Heard Music LLC to copyright such photographs and related materials in its name.