While we were unable to have a recital at all last year, this year, we will be able to hold a hybrid virtual recital using our new Live Stream Room at our Gillette location.

What does this mean for you?

  • The recital will be held on two dates: June 6th and June 13th
  • Students who opt for a live performance will come in to perform one at a time in our Live Stream Room
  • Only immediate family members can come to the Live Stream Room; you will be given a link to send to all friends and family to watch live online
  • The live performance will be streamed to our online channels all day from 1 – 6 pm as they happen
  • Students can also opt to send in a prerecorded video instead
  • Only immediate family members are allowed to come to the recital in person. Your friends and extended family will be able to watch via live stream

To enroll in the recital and pick your date, click the button below. As we receive the majority of recital enrollments we will assign a performance time so you can tell your friends and family!


The live stream link: https://www.twitch.tv/soiheardmusic


To enroll, fill out this form: https://recital.soiheardmusic.com/


Thank you!



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