Hi, I’m Will!

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and studied classical composing at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, where I immersed myself in the thriving music scene there in the 2010’s. I played guitar in the experimental/electronic band Newaxeyes, toured internationally as keyboardist with Wolves in the Throne Room, and as a solo artist, and gained experience producing music and sound design for film, contemporary dance, and theater. I’ve worked as a session guitarist on acclaimed albums and feature films including the 2018 cult hit ‘Mandy’ starring Nicolas Cage, and Mykur’s folk/black metal album ‘Mareridt’. I’ve worked with Jóhann Jóhannson, Randall Dunn, Úlfur, Stephen O’Malley, Wayne Horvitz, and Hanna Benn, among many others, and even opened for the Sun Ra Arkestra.
I moved to New York City in 2019, where I continue my work as a teacher, improviser, composer, songwriter and session musician.

My Advice for Students:

– Start a band, collaborate and create with other people in-person
– Focus on developing your own unique voice, and at the same time help others to develop theirs
– Be generous and not precious with your energy; no effort ever goes to waste in music. Experience is all cumulative and will feed into other things, as long as you are resilient in your passion. So take chances and explore!

My Favorite Local Places:

I commute, and I am still learning the area! Currently taking recommendations and exploring the best Vietnamese food in NJ. Ask me about my sandwich map of New York!


3 Tips for Success:

– Consistency.
Whichever path you choose to pursue in music, create a daily practice of it and try to get obsessed.

– Fun.
Remember that music is fun! And has been fundamental to human connection in every culture since the beginning of time. When you enjoy music you are connecting! And when you play you are creating something that no one has ever heard before.

– Openness.
There is always something rich to learn or take away from things you like or dislike! Try to name two things you like about a song you can’t stand 🙂
There are also creative models/frameworks which you can apply across different artistic mediums. Try to look at a painting you love and ask, “What would this sound like if it were music?” Sometimes all you need is a starting point.

My Music

A score I composed:

Some favorite tracks I’ve played guitar on:

My former band Newaxeyes: