Hi, I’m Sean!

I have been passionately playing the guitar for the past 15 years and began my journey as a music teacher in 2019. Music has been a major source of inspiration throughout my life, and sharing this passion with others is the highlight of my career. My formal education in music started with a degree focusing on brass instruments, with an emphasis on jazz and classical genres. Leveraging this foundation, I expanded my expertise into rock and metal, forming a band and composing songs, while also engaging in freelance live performances. Presently, my focus is on teaching a diverse range of students, each with their unique musical aspirations. My ability to adapt to various styles and instruments has been crucial in shaping my skills as both a musician and an educator.

My Approach to a Typical Lesson

For most music students, particularly those learning guitar, playing songs is the most effective way to improve their skills. My teaching approach centers on this principle, with lessons tailored to help students master their favorite tunes. I begin with simpler songs to lay a foundation and gradually expand their repertoire. For beginners, the focus starts with fundamental techniques like string plucking and note playing. As their abilities grow, we aim to achieve proficiency in playing music that resonates with them, be it Taylor Swift’s melodies or Slipknot’s intense rhythms.

My Advice for Students

Enjoy the small victories! Whether it’s learning a single new chord or writing your first song, every step you take is important and builds on the last, bit by bit until before you know it you can do something that once seemed impossible. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of getting really good at something, and the more you enjoy the ride, the further you’ll go!

My Favorite Local Places

I love hiking Harriman State Park and other trails in the area. I’m also always going wherever there’s live music or comedy, like the Capitol Theatre in Portchester or Maureen’s in Nyack.

My Music