Hello, I’m Nicole.

I started performing at 8 when I began singing in my church’s children’s choir. When I was ten years old, I began my journey of church music ministry, which I have continued to this day. I also began performing in various musical theater productions at 8. I started playing guitar at the age of 24 and started teaching about two years after that. In the Spring of 2021, I started to fulfill my dream of becoming a music education teacher at William Paterson University. Since starting my music journey, I have had the amazing opportunity to tour the Amalfi Coast of Italy with the William Paterson Chamber Choir in March of 2022. I will head with the choir again in the Spring of 2024 to Belgium and France.

My Approach to a Typical Lesson

A typical lesson with me, starts with the basic fundamental techniques behind each instrument and the theory behind the music. The love for music is the foundation for which music is built on. I believe that every student should have fun at what they are doing, the same way I have fun teaching it. If you aren’t having fun in music then why are you making it? Enjoy, express, and let out your inner self.

My Advice for Students

Don’t ever be afraid to express yourself in the studio. You don’t need to be better than the next student. Everyone learns at their own pace and has their own vision for what they want to do with music. The studio is a safe space for you to be the best musician that only YOU can be. Be proud of everything you do every time you enter the studio. Always remember, we are all a family of musicians. No one is here to tear you down. We are all here to lift you up.

My Favorite Local Places

Dunkin’ Donuts, Bergen County Overpeck Park

Three Tips for Success

Believe in yourself: Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.

Practice: 30 Minutes a day can propel you to the musician you want to be.

Be Humble: Know that it takes time and that there will be some struggles along the way, but keep at it and stay the course because you will be just fine.