Hi, I’m Miles

I am a graduate of SUNY Purchase College with a bachelor’s in music with a concentration in Studio Composition. The guitar is my primary instrument, but after studying in the Music Conservatory at Purchase, I developed a better understanding of music theory, composition and what goes into playing other instruments including bass and piano as well as the structural basis of general songwriting.

Having had a role in the Rockland County, NY & New Jersey music scenes for over 20 years, I’ve been involved in countless musical endeavors varying stylistically from one group to the next.

Finding familiarity in Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop, R&B, Funk and Metal, I’ve been involved in a diverse collection of projects over the years (including Frankie D. & The Boys, Throw the Heat, The All Ways (as seen on “America’s Got Talent”), Inna Vibe (As seen on BET’s “106 and Park”) & Simone Wedding Band) as well as within my own songwriting with bands Silence The Feedback & Our Fears, having influences stemming from all the different genres merging together.

My Approach to a Typical Lesson

As an educator, I’ve taught in public and private settings for over 20 years, getting my start while still attending classes at SUNY Purchase, and then continuing after graduating with a BA in Music to work at a number of different schools/facilities in addition to also being available for private lessons. My main objective is always to make sure the student understands what is being asked of them and I have the patience and care needed to go through that process and ensure students feel like music is something they can be passionate about rather than view as a chore, no matter their age.

My Advice for students

Pick something to practice and focus on that and learning it fully rather than trying to learn a plethora of snippets of songs and riffs. When it comes to songwriting, write aimlessly early on, because most of what you write just starting out is going to be throwaway material – the more important aspect is getting yourself into the routine of just writing being a regular thing.

My favorite local places

Casa Del Sol in Nyack, NY.