Hi, I’m Michael!

I grew up in Jersey City, New Jersey where I began my career as a musician! I have traveled internationally to perform in Germany with my high school jazz pop ensemble. Additionally, I performed throughout the New York Metropolitan area and in Philadelphia with various bands. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music Therapy with a concentration in classical guitar from Montclair State University and am a Board Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC). As an undergraduate, I sang for the University Singers, performing works such as Handel’s Messiah and Beethoven’s 9th Symphony in NJPAC and Carnegie Hall. As a new instructor and music therapist, I am excited to continue my journey as a musician along with you!

My Approach to a Music Therapy Session

My approach to a session is dependent on the needs of the child. Meeting them with their parents is the first step in determining how I can support them throughout their sessions. It’s important to investigate different aspects of life such as academic, home, and social life as well as understand their physical and/or mental considerations. Last, but not least, I will be asking how music fits into their life: favorite artists, favorite songs, favorite instruments and sounds, as well as sounds and music to avoid! Since music therapy is focused on healing and support through life’s challenges, it is good to remember this as a dynamic process informed by the progressive nature of growth. Communication will remain constant throughout our work together and the welfare of the child is first and foremost!

My Approach to a Typical Lesson

I intend to meet my students where their capabilities are present. With this understanding, I can provide materials and guidance that challenge my students’ skills. With this approach, my intention is to build upon their skills and understanding of music while fostering their creativity and enjoyment of music.

My Advice for Students

Music is a lifelong process! Always build upon what you know. The challenges you come across will be a natural step forward!

My Favorite Local Places

If you ever find yourself in Jersey City, try the food court in Ranch 99! They have delicious food and you can get some shopping done while you’re there!

Three Tips for Success

Be diligent in your musicianship. This requires you to keep a consistent practice schedule and to keep track of your progress.

Practice with intention. It’s important to make sure you’re getting enough practice, but that doesn’t mean spending endless amounts of hours a day towards practice. Your skills will grow when you’re committed to a sustainable workflow.

Respect the process. Think of musicianship as athleticism or academics; taking care of your mind and your body is essential to growth. As a musician, this means you are dedicated to a process – a lifelong one!