Hi, I’m Matt!

I grew up in Garfield, NJ. My first instrument was the trombone, but it didn’t stick! At age 10, my parents gave me a drumset and a VHS copy of “The Ultimate Beginner Series: Drum Basics” with Sandy Gennaro. My music education started there and continued until I ended up at Montclair State University studying Jazz Drumset, Classical Percussion, and even Microtonal Music! All the while– throughout highschool, and college, I also played in many bands around the Tri-State area. After graduating from Montclair State, I started a career as a touring and session musician. I have been lucky to play music on every continent, from Anchorage to Vladivostok! I’ve also had the opportunity to record hundreds of albums as a session player. In the last 3 years, I have been working as an engineer and producer at North End Studios in Passaic New Jersey.

My approach to a typical lesson:

My main goal as a teacher is to meet the student where they’re at, find the music that they love, and start there. I try to address any technical issues that could cause physical strain or hinder the students ability to interact with the instrument. Ultimately, it depends on my students’ goals, everyone is different! If a student wants to prep for college auditions, we can do that! If they want to learn how to play their favorite song and maybe a couple others, we can do that too!!

My advice for students:

Don’t get too wrapped up in comparing yourself to peers! Find something that excites you and lean into it. Think of playing music as a video game with infinite levels!

My favorite places:

Any place where I can rock out and play on stage!

My Music: