Hi, I’m Mariah!

I graduated from Indiana University where I majored in voice and psychology. Since then I spent summers with the Summer Voice Festival in NYC where I performed the role of Polly Peachum in the Beggars’ Opera and the Franco American Vocal Academy in Perigeux, France where I performed the role of Rosita in the opera, Un Mari a la Porte. I have focused more on my teaching and received my masters from Rutgers University in 2019, majoring in music education. I currently am a cantor at Christ Church in Ridgewood, NJ and am in the Harmonium choral society.

My Approach To A Typical Lesson

A typical voice lesson starts with warm ups. Warm ups are essential to sing at your healthiest and best level. After that we sing through what song we had as homework. After we sing through the song we take the trouble areas and look at them with more detail. It’s all about having fun and learning!

My Advice For Students

Students should look at music lessons as a form of relaxation through art. It does not need to be stressful if we put in the practice time. The more we practice, the more we have fun while playing.

My Favorite Places Of Inspiration

I am inspired by my surroundings. While writing music I have found inspiration while sitting in the back yard of my childhood home and even have found inspiration on my couch of my apartment. My imagination gives me all of the tools to write and play music!

My Music