Hi, I’m Jeremy!

I graduated from Wesleyan University in 2018 with a degree in Music. I have always been obsessed with rock music, and after playing classical piano for several years as a kid, I began to dabble in guitar and drums at age 13 after becoming inspired to pursue music from my obsession with Guitar Hero and Rock Band. After playing guitar, bass, and drums in several pit bands and rock bands throughout high school and college, as well as studying and performing a variety of music ranging from avant-garde jazz to West African music at Wesleyan, I pushed my composition and songwriting abilities in my senior year of college. Working with a 13-piece band and performing on guitar, bass, mandolin and vocals, I wrote a progressive rock concept album, arranged it for performance, and recorded and released it as the capstone project for my music degree.

Since graduation, I have been playing lead guitar in my band, The Racquets. We have written, recorded and released our debut EP, and have been supporting it with performances in New York City. My music experience also includes interning in marketing and publicity at several major labels, sound designing a short film, performing for students with cerebral palsy and starting a music program at an after school program and camp.

My Approach To A Typical Lesson

While music lessons traditionally focus on memorizing pieces and drilling scales, my lessons focus on developing students’ music theory skills, instrumental technique and practice approaches, so they can take on musical challenges with confidence. These skills are then guided towards songwriting and composition on instruments and in recording software. My goal in teaching is to help students discover a passion for music, provide them with the tools to explore their creativity, and above all, have fun!

My Advice For Students

Practice regularly (frequent, rather than lengthy practice) – Playing music is like learning to walk or talk. The more days you pick up your instrument, the better you will get! Even if you only play for a few minutes each day, you will get really good! Remember that music is supposed to be fun! Even exercises that seem boring can always be turned into fun creative opportunities!

My Favorite Local Places

The Great Swamp near Morristown.
The Orange Reservoir (next to the Boathouse and Turtle Back Zoo)
The Wellmont Theater in Montclair (where I saw my first concert).

My Music

I play lead guitar in an indie/garage rock band called The Racquets. Our band started at Wesleyan University, playing intimate house shows to college kids. Since graduation, we perform in New York City and have recorded and released our debut EP, The Racquets, which can be found on Spotify and most other major streaming services.

I also wrote and recorded a rock opera with a friend for my senior capstone project at Wesleyan. Lyrically, the album is from the perspective of a person exploring the highs and lows of friendships, as well as the role that speech plays in all of this. The album was designed to be heard as a whole, in order of the track list. The instrumentation is vast, containing vocals, guitar, bass, drums, piano, synthesizers, electronic production, mandolin, violins, violas and cellos. This album can be found on Spotify and most other major streaming services as well.