Hi, I’m Jake!

I’m a passionate rock musician with a specialty in guitar as well as music production. I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Music Production and Industry from Ramapo College in 2019. My prior experience includes touring the country with my band Callout as well as recording 2 full studio albums. While my speciality is guitar, I have a passion for music theory and the piano as well. My philosophy for teaching is making learning music both fun as well as informative through various interactive methods. I believe that a strong foundation in music theory, combined with the excitement and passion for learning an instrument is what leads to a knowledgeable and well rounded musician. In my lessons I highly encourage learning the basics of music theory while reinforcing these concepts through learning songs as well has a various assortment of technical and musical exercises.

My Approach To A Typical Lesson

Each of my lessons are broken down into three parts, technical warm ups and exercises, music theory, and learning songs that you want to learn. I begin each lesson with a technical skill to help improve your technique and overall understanding of the instrument. We’ll then move into a small section of music theory for each lesson. I strongly encourage learning the basics of music theory as it opens a world of possibilities for your instrument. Lastly, we’ll work on songs that you WANT to learn so that you can feel comfortable in your own musical improvement and be able to show others what you’ve learned.

My Advice For Students

You can learn absolutely anything on any instrument as long as you PRACTICE and STICK WITH IT. The first few months of learning something new can be frustrating, but is incredibly rewarding in the long run. It’s important to practice consistently each day, even if it’s not for a lengthy amount of time. Learning how to be a good guitarist comes from training both your ear and your hands. Practicing consistently will help build muscle memory and eventually, playing your instrument will become second nature.

My Favorite Local Places

I love the local venues around New Jersey, especially Starland Ballroom, Boontunes, and Allstar Music Empire.

My Music

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I’ve written two records and have performed around the country with my band Callout.