Hi, I’m Gabe!

I’ve been teaching, performing, and composing in the NYC area since graduating Berklee College of Music in 2013. While I studied composition and production, I quickly found teaching to be the most rewarding aspect of my musicianship. Music served me well as a child, helping me develop discipline and focus I didn’t find elsewhere- and offering my students the same opportunity is pivotal to my teaching philosophy. I’m currently completing a Master’s in Music Education at Hunter College in Manhattan.

My Approach To A Typical Lesson

I always aim to spark a student’s curiosity, and then give them the tools and the mindset to pursue their curiosity independently. While rote memorization can be a useful tool in our arsenal, I strive to focus on the ways we can understand music conceptually and critically.

My Advice For Students

Follow the music you’re interested in! Muscle memory, and technical ability are vital, but if you don’t have a musical goal in mind it’ll be much harder to push through those practice frustrations.

My Favorite Places of Inspiration

Teachers often overlook how informative the internet can be as a platform for musicians. Videos on theory, video lessons, live performances- I wish I had these resources when I was growing up!