Hi, I’m Ceili!

Originally from the forests of Maine, I started taking guitar lessons at the age of 11, piano at 14, and singing since the beginning! After receiving a scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Songwriting in 2019. Songwriting is my passion, but teaching has quickly become my calling! I am also a producer and love crafting live performances using my preferred digital audio workstation, Ableton Live.

I work with my students to create a customized songwriting experience. I truly believe that studying music and creating songs is a powerful way to express emotions while still having fun! Everyone moves at their own pace, and I’m willing to meet my students wherever they’re at to help them grow their artistry.

My Approach to a Typical Lesson

There are so many tools and techniques to learn, so many fundamentals and skills to practice. Still, I always want to make sure the focus is placed on my student’s interests to ensure a positive, fun, and encouraging learning environment. Every child learns differently. It’s my job as a teacher to find the best method to help them retain new information.

My Advice for Students 

Never be afraid to fail! We learn so much about ourselves when we get back up, keep practicing, and prove to ourselves that we can preserver. Putting yourself or your art out into the world for others to judge may seem scary, but if we let fear win, we risk the chance of missing out on some of the most beautiful and memorable moments, both on stage and in real life! Believe in yourself enough to keep trying no matter the outcome!

My Favorite Local Places

I love being on the beach or by the shore and nature walking trails that remind me of home.

My Music

I released my debut album, Sweet Blue, my junior year of high school in 2014. I’m excited to announce that my next project in the works and almost done! You can find some of my new material and live performances on my YouTube page.