I’m Carla!

I am an experienced international flutist and composer and multi-instrumentalist, deeply passionate about pushing musical boundaries. Raised in Argentina, I was immersed in Candombe, Chacarera, Milonga, and Tango melodies. My academic journey led me to UNT and EMPA, specializing in Tango music. In 2010 I relocated to the US where  I expanded my expertise with early childhood programs like Music Together.

As a performer, I’ve collaborated with notable musicians in various genres at prestigious venues like the Old Town School of Popular Music and the Indianapolis Metal Fest.”

As a composer and band leader, my journey led me to found and direct the Yuyo Verde Tango Band and later the Carla Campopiano Trio. This path also involved creating multimedia projects, such as ‘Borges Piazzolla y el Tango,’ and embarking on two memorable European tours.

I’ve shared my musical knowledge through teaching in schools and community centers, offering private lessons, and contributing to music schools. I’ve also had the privilege of instructing in Summer Music Programs, covering various instruments such as piano, flute, Violin, Guitar, and music theory, as well as early childhood music programs.

In my teaching approach

I seek to ensure that each lesson is not only productive and practical but also an opportunity to perceive the magic and joy of music creation.

To the students

I warmly encourage students to always embrace the joy of music. While it’s common to encounter technical challenges or obstacles in practice, it’s essential to remember that music is the objective itself and that is why music has the remarkable power to connect people from all over the World.

My Favorite Local Places:

While I’m from Warren I’ve come to enjoy the Argentine coffee shop Patria Station Cafe at Berkeley Heights, and the Watchung reservation trails.

Three Tips for Success:


Your musical journey is like the rhythm of ocean waves. Don’t get stuck in the lows; see them as steps for your growth. Let your curiosity guide you as you keep moving forward!


Consistent practice is key to your musical journey. Collaborating with fellow musicians in orchestras and groups and maintaining a steady routine is vital for your growth in the world of music. Stay organized and enjoy your musical journey.”


Be patient with yourself.

Embrace new pathways to enhance your musical journey.

Awards & Recognitions:

My commitment to music has earned me recognition, including being selected for presentations at the 47th Annual Convention of the “National Flute Association” in 2019, the Mid Atlantic Flute Association in 2020, and the NY Flute Club in 2023. These honors reflect my dedication and contributions to the world of music.

My Music

Carla’s YouTube channel https://youtube.com/@carlacampopiano8018?si=FF0tGI0HrSn2af5F

Concert with Eduardo Fonseca https://youtu.be/2airWQ313VQ?si=x0eAyrYzIS3mtmTM