Hi, I’m Anna!

I have loved music and sound ever since I was a child. My journey began when I picked up my first instrument, (clarinet) at 8 years old. From there, my exploration for music became deeper and I mainly played classical music until college. 

I was not sure if I was going to pursue music in college, but my sophomore year I realized how empty I felt taking a break for a year to make my decision. I decided to pick up piano in 2018 and pursue my Bachelor of Science in Music Production. 

As an avid movie lover, my first big project was a short film score for a psychological thriller for graduation, along with a project demonstrating what soundscape is.

As a recent graduate, I have been pursuing different projects away from media scoring to expand my production and compositional skills, as well as learning how to teach what I know. 

My next big venture comes in the fall of 2022 as a graduate student in the Steinhardt Music Technology program at NYU!

My Approach To A Typical Lesson

When I teach music lessons, I cater to the students’ goals, meanwhile also teaching them how to verbalize their emotions and thoughts in the music they play and create. Music is essentially like learning another language; it is an expression, communication, and enrichment for the brain. Music allows students to expand their creativity, their individuality and allows what they want to express to become an audible reality. If you get stuck on anything I am always here to help, so do not fret! (pun intended).

My Advice For Students

In order to learn, you must immerse yourself in the music you love and continue to remember why you are passionate about learning music. My advice is to listen to music carefully and vigilantly, practice at a constant rate, study, but most of all have fun throughout the learning process! 


My Favorite Local Places

When I’m not doing anything music-related, I love eating out at places such as Veganized in New Brunswick, PapaVegan in Hillsborough Township, or Van Gogh’s Ear Cafe in Union (they have live music nights!) I also love a good movie (especially superhero movies and horror) so any Regal Cinema or AMC Theater I have definitely been to in the NJ and NY area. 


My Music

Currently I am in a band called a x j. We release music from all genres and our first two songs out now are lofi.