This week’s Millburn student spotlight is on Karum B.

Karum is an all-star student who takes lessons on both the piano and guitar, plays in a band, and auditions for Broadway and TV outside his classes at So i Heard. We asked him a few questions about himself. See what he said below!

Name: Karum B. 

Age: 9.5 years

Teacher:  Diego, Matt, Fabian


Where do you go to school?

Allen W Roberts, New Providence


How long have you been at So i Heard? 

About 2 years


What lessons do you take? Are you in a band/group lesson?

  I take Piano, Guitar and am also in a band/group lesson


How long have you been playing your instrument(s)?

 About 2 years


Favorite Music/Song/Genre:

 I like Jazz and Pop


What are you working on right now in lessons/band/group lessons?

Piano – I am currently working on a Jazz song called Blue Bossa

Guitar – I am working on the chords and strumming pattern in a song from Jungle Book called – I Wanna Be Like you.

Band – I sometimes play the Piano and sometimes I am the Singer.  Currently, I am working on the lead vocals for a song called I’m Yours.


What’s your favorite non-musical activity/what are you working on outside of So i Heard?

I am also into acting and theatre  – though, a lot of it includes singing and dancing as well.  I currently have an agent in NYC and I go on auditions for Broadway and TV.  I am also currently cast as Charlie in a local production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!

I am also trying to get into modeling a little bit

I enjoy playing tennis and swimming. I also take tap and contemporary dance classes.


What do you like most about So i Heard?

The teachers and Dakota at the front desk! They are absolutely the best and I like that they allow me to pick songs that I am into and work on them.


Are you interested in having your So i Heard student featured in our studio blog? Talk to Julie or Dakota at the front desk!

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