Instrument Rentals at So i Heard Music

So i Heard Music has paired with Music and Arts to provide the best music instrument rentals in the area

Are you or your child participating in a local school music program? Instruments can be incredibly expensive to purchase, especially when you don’t know how long your student will stay enrolled in orchestra or band. We make it easy to rent an instrument for a fraction of the price of an instrument purchase! Additionally, we offer inexpensive damage and theft protection as an add-on service. Get your instrument rental at So i Heard Music.

Sanitized and Ready to Play

Instruments are professionally sanitized and are all fully operational before being approved as a rental, so you can always be sure you’re getting the best deal possible on an instrument you know will work.

Rent to Rent – Build Credit and Buy!

Instruments rented through So i Heard Music qualify for the Rent to Rent program, which allows rental fees to be applied towards purchasing an instrument. If you spend money on your rental, you can eventually purchase a new or used instrument just like it if you or your child decide to continue with the instrument beyond when it makes sense to continue renting.