Group lessons at So i Heard are the perfect supplement for your weekly private lesson.

Our group lessons are all focused on helping our young students socialize and reinforce essential concepts of music production, songwriting, and music theory that are so important for development on any instrument.

Students are matched up by age for their group lesson, and groups will not exceed an 8:1 student-teacher ratio. Each week, your group will engage in fun and exciting activities that merge technology with technique and information.

So i Heard Music Group Lessons focus on Songwriting and Production activities, including:

  • Chord Progressions
  • Lyric Writing
  • Garageband for Beginners
  • Genre Studies
  • Improvisation

One of the most critical aspects of a group lesson is socialization! At So i Heard Music, we believe that the sooner kids start interacting and socializing with other kids their age who also take music lessons, the more opportunities all of our kids will have to start playing in bands. The So i Heard Music group lesson program is a significant first step for our young kids to take to prepare themselves to apply for our band program eventually.

Our group lessons are run just like a private lesson, with no start or end date. Weekly lessons are custom tailored to meet the individualized needs of the students in each group.