Explore the world of music with your toddler.

Early childhood music education at So I Heard is a fun-filled, hour-long musical journey every week. Children will be encouraged to participate in the songwriting concepts as we sing and play about our favorite things!

Our Early Childhood Classes use original songs to reinforce crucial early childhood concepts like:

  • Colors
  • Numbers
  • Letters of the Alphabet
  • Animals
  • Places Around the World

Parents are required to attend the classes with their children and encouraged to participate! Classes take place between 12pm and 3pm weekdays, and 9am-12pm weekends.

Classes are $100 per month, and are ongoing in nature. There is no start and end date. New parents and children can enter at anytime, and existing parents and children can withdraw at anytime. As with all of our programs at So I Heard Music, each class is custom tailored to the needs of the specific group, and activities and lessons will progress from week to week, building upon the previous weeks lessons.