One of the best ways to improve as a musician is to learn to play in a band. So i Heard Music helps your child learn how.

There is no better way to master guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals, brass and more than to play in a band with other musicians. Our band lessons bring together everything your child learns in their private lesson to a group setting. Skilled instructors teach student bands how to work as a team through fun exercises in group dynamics and creativity.

Our bands are different than most other programs you know. We don’t do cookie cutter set list programs, and our ensembles continue throughout the year, as long as your child would like to stay in their band. Our bands are meant to be a reflection of what our students will see in the real world: ongoing musical projects where the students have input and creative control over song selection, significant decisions, and the band’s direction.

So i Heard Music bands would also be able to take part in at a variety of performance opportunities, including:

  • Events at local venues
  • Our recitals
  • Open mic nights
  • Recording sessions
  • Jam nights

All students who wish to join a band should have at least two years of private lesson experience on their instrument and should be able to demonstrate basic knowledge of chords and chord progressions. Drummers should be comfortable playing through songs in full.