Changes at Beau Monde Guitars

Hi Parents and Students,

I hope you are all well.

Harry and I are reaching out to share some big news. As most of you know, since the pandemic, our focus at the shop has been service and lessons. To level up the student experience and lesson resources, we would like to announce our partnership with our friend Sean Killary who owns a music school in Millburn, NJ called So i Heard Music. In time, So i Heard Music will acquire BMG. Harry and I will still be involved in operations and are super excited about the future of our business.

What does this mean for current students at BMG?

In the immediate term, lessons will go on as usual. After a transition period, we will switch to So i Heard Music branding, systems, and policies, and the facility will get a makeover. So i Heard Music brings student-centered lesson and make-up policies, a complete recording studio, new equipment, and other lesson tools. Additionally, So i Heard Music brings group music programs, including early childhood classes, music production classes for kids, band classes, open mic nights, performance lessons, songwriting lessons, artist development, free birthday parties for students, recitals, and more. Like BMG lessons, So i Heard Music does not have a rigid curriculum but instead focuses on a student-centered approach for maximum student fun and motivation.

Will there be any pricing or billing changes?

On June 1st, pricing will transition to flat-rate monthly pricing based on a yearly lesson calendar, in line with So i Heard Music’s billing policies. Enrollment will stay as a month-to-month commitment with no long-term contracts. 

On June 1st, pricing for new students will increase to $180/month for half-hour lessons and $335/month for one-hour lessons, while existing students will be grandfathered in at $150/month and $300/month, respectively, through August 31st, 2023.

Before June 1st, we will switch to a new calendar and lesson software, allowing students to keep track of their lessons, assignments, schedules, and bookings and enabling parents to self-cancel lessons, book make-up classes, and manage automated account billing via credit card, which will start on June 1st.

View the yearly lesson calendar here: Northvale Lesson Calendar

With Sean’s help, we look forward to taking the business to the next level. Please let me and Harry know if you have any questions. 


Lou and Harry





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